Why Artificial Grass Is Great for Schools

More schools are turning to artificial grass to improve their outdoor spaces. From it’s durable, hardwearing qualities to its visual appeal, here are just a few of the reasons why more schools are turning to artificial grass.

  1. It’s durable and hard-wearing

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, artificial grass is incredibly durable. It can handle all the wear and tear pupils can throw at it. It’s unlikely you’ll need to replace artificial grass for 10, perhaps even 15 years.

  1. It’s cost effective

There’s only really one cost involved with artificial grass – the cost of buying and installing it. It doesn’t take the regular maintenance that real grass does. You won’t have to pay someone to mow it every other week or make sure it doesn’t look unsightly in the winter months. With artificial grass you simply lay it and go. This makes it a savvy decision for any schools that need to save some pounds.

  1. It looks great all year round

Real grass is at the mercy of the elements. In summer, it will grow at a rate of knots, leaving you with unsightly, overgrown, unkempt spaces. In winter, it might become water logged and boggy, meaning It’s not fit for use. Artificial grass, on the other hand, will wow visitors all year round.


  1. It encourages outdoor play

As we’ve already mentioned, artificial grass can be used all year round. That means kids can get outside and play 365 days a year. The weather won’t be able to put a stop to sports lessons again!

  1. It’s a safer alternative

As a school, your number one priority is to keep pupils safe. For this reason, artificial grass is a great investment. Kids love play time, but they don’t love it so much if an accident happens and they injure themselves on concrete or tarmac. While it is durable, artificial grass is also soft – providing more of a cushioned landing if an accident should happen on the school premises.


If you’re a head teacher considering artificial grass, Grono can help. We provide turfs with quality you won’t find anywhere else, and we’re happy to work to your exact specifications. You can browse our premium products here, and get in touch today to find out more.

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