How Artificial Grass Can Improve Golf Courses

Golf is a wonderful sport enjoyed by many across Britain. As summer rolls around, it’s the time of year when more people start picking up their clubs and heading for the clubs! While many courses we see on TV are often played on real grass, the benefits of using artificial grass on a golf course are numerous. Here’s why we think all golf courses should be making the most of artificial turf.

It’s an all weather surface

Real grass becomes unusable the second the weather takes a turn for the worst – which is more often than not in the British Isles! Artificial grass, on the other hand, is suitable for use all year round. So avid golfers need never put their clubs into storage.

It’s less maintenance

We all know golf courses can span for acres. This can a nightmare for maintenance! With artificial grass, there’s no need to invest on a ride on mower to get the job done. Once installed, there is very little maintenance involved besides a quick clean every now and again. Golf clubs can save valuable pounds on hiring grounds keepers and the tools needed to keep real grass looking pristine.

It looks great in all seasons

With real grass, the later seasons of the year can be a worry for golf club owners. It’s the sudden realisation that the lawns will lose their luscious green colour, to be replaced with sodden, sad looking surfaces. Artificial grass dispels these worries. No matter the weather or the wear and tear, it will retain it’s gorgeous green hues all year round!

It’s like the real deal… only better!

You might be put off from artificial grass by thinking it’s a horrible, plasticy surface with an unrealistic texture. We’re here to tell you that the world of artificial grass has come a very long way in recent years. Now, it looks almost identical to real grass. It even feels the same underfoot! It’s so close to the real stuff that, in the midst of a great game, you’ll probably forget that you’re standing on an artificial surface.

So, what are you waiting for? If you own a golf club, or you’re thinking about installing a mini golf range in your home, Grono offers a variety of premium quality grasses. You can browse the product range here, and get in touch to find out more.

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