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Struggling to grow grass in your garden? Grono is for you

A lawn that’s green and healthy looking gives a great appearance and offers an excellent space to relax, gather with family or friends or play outdoor games. Unfortunately, not all gardens are made to have the picture perfect grass and if it’s not up to scratch, a wilted, brown or overgrown lawn can affect the […]

Artificial Grass In a New Build House

Complementing your new build house with artificial grass Moving into a new home is an exciting, if stressful, time and choosing a new build means you have a contemporary, high quality property to put your stamp on. But the outside of your home should reflect the inside and if your front or back garden has […]

How To Clean Your Artificial Grass

One of the main benefits of having artificial grass installed in your garden is that it doesn’t take the constant upkeep that the real stuff does. Despite being a low maintenance option, you do need to spend a little bit of time making sure your lawn is in top condition. Here’s our guide on how […]

Which Grono Grass Is Best For You?

Which Grass Should You Choose? So, if you’ve decided that artificial grass is right for your garden – now the next big step is to decide which kind of grass you need. Here at Grono we’re dedicated to helping you get the best lawn possible, so here’s our handy guide to what kind of grass […]

Why You Should Choose Grono Artifical Grass

For a lot of people – the garden makes or breaks a property: it can be the jewel in the crown of the castle you call your home, or it can make your whole exterior look rather dull and drab. Whether you’re busy with work, or just don’t feel you have the green finger to […]

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