Grono Artificial Grass FAQs

There is minimal maintenance, sweep and wash with water every 12 months or when needed.
No, the grass is UV resistant and has been fully tested.
A jet wash and a brush will be sufficient for cleaning every 12 months or when needed.
Grono artificial turf is weather proof and can last up to 20 years.
The product is guaranteed for 10 years.
Yes, providing the area is flat and drains properly.
Yes, providing the area is flat.
The grass is fire retardant, and has been fully tested.
It is advised that you place your BBQ on a slab stone to reduce the chance of damage.
Our teams have the expertise and experience to join the grass without visible seams.
A Grono Artificial Premier Lawn has holes, which allows the rain water to drain through.
40mm is suitable as it will take a lot of traffic without crushing.
Premier 30mm or 40mm would be appropriate use for a nursery, so it will be down to personal choice.
Yes, the grass has been fully safety tested.
The premier 40mm will be the best as it won’t crush.
Simply pick up the larger parts, and wash away with water.
Our artificial turf is perfect for pets as they cannot dig it up like real grass, it is also soft and durable for children to play on.

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