Inspiration for Your Garden


Your garden is a sacred space for you to kick back and relax. But, crafting the perfect space isn’t easy for everyone. If you’re struggling for ideas, here are some great spaces that you can steal some inspiration from.


Clean and simple, this garden has a modern, minimalistic look. A fair-sized lawn using artificial grass is boxed in with a gorgeous plant border. This border can help you add variety, growing anything from flowers to your own fruit and veg. There’s also space for you to sit down and socialise with friends, or curl up with a good book.




This cute idea is perfect if you have children – or you just want to add a bit of magic to your garden! A small wooden table and chairs covered with artificial grass makes the perfect place for a spot of an afternoon tea with the fairies and garden gnomes.




Another great idea if you have kids running around. Artificial grass has a number of benefits when used as flooring for children’s play areas. It’s durable, meaning no matter how many friends your child invites over it will be able to withstand the wear and tear. It’s also soft, so if the worst does happen and a child falls, they’re guaranteed a soft landing.





Make your garden a little different. Buck the trend by having your artificial grass shaped in a circle, rather than a standard rectangle. This gives you the option to have more plant beds around the outside, or even give you space for a shed.




This cool design is proof that artificial grass is in no way boring! You can use panels to cleverly conceal awesome garden features, just like this trampoline. That way your garden never looks cluttered, and you have secrets up your sleeve to impress your guests!



Liven up your paving with artificial grass. Grass between slabs can often add something different to your garden, but weeds can blight your designs. As artificial grass never grows, you’ll never have to get out the rubber gloves and weed killer. Your paving will always look pristine.




Feel like doing something arty? Artificial grass can make great vocal point in any garden. For example, these cubes make for a striking visual, but could also have more functional uses. They’d be great for placing drinks at a summer garden party!


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