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Artificial Grass Landlords

Artificial Grass Offers Way for Landlords to Boost Kerb Appeal

Every landlord knows the struggle of boosting their property’s kerb appeal to attract new tenants, especially where outdoor space is concerned. As much as you want to pretend it doesn’t have an impact, there’s no denying that how a house looks from the outside can deter potential tenants before they’ve even set foot inside. While […]


Artificial Grass Ideal for British Weather

Everyone knows that the Great British weather is often wet and it can play havoc with your garden, especially lawn areas. But looking to a savvy alternative in the form of artificial grass could save homeowners the hassle and expense of having to repair the damage done to their garden again and again. Waterlogging, where […]

Making 2017 a Time for Green Change

We’re already into the second month of 2017 and many New Year resolutions will inevitably have been broken. But it’s still possible to make lasting plans for 2017 and beyond and it doesn’t have to be hard to make those changes green and sustainable, not only benefiting you but also having a positive impact on […]


Artificial Grass: Perfect for Outdoor Events

The packed calendar of summer outdoor events might seem like a long way off but the days are already getting longer and it’s never too early to start planning! However, the unpredictable British weather means that organisers should be looking at alternatives when it comes to flooring and artificial grass provides the perfect solution. Everyone […]

Grono artificial grass for architecture

Artificial Grass and Architects

When you picture artificial grass you probably think of it as a material that’s used only on lawns. But architects are increasingly using this versatile material for a whole range of projects, from adding colour to residential developments to creating a low maintenance play space for schools. The ease of installing artificial grass and advancements […]

Why Grono Artificial grass is Perfect for Football (and other sports!)

Artificial grass might be more associated with front lawns than sports but that doesn’t mean that the material isn’t perfectly suited to football, rugby, and other favourite pastimes. In fact, using artificial turf more frequently across sporting venues, for amateurs and professionals alike, presents many benefits. For cash-strapped clubs, community facilities, and professional organisations, the […]

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